Workplace jewelry with "hidden rules"

It is true that the workplace is a battlefield.Almost every woman has struggled in the workplace, and most office workers spend almost a third of their day in the office, so pay attention! In the workplace, dressing up is a seemingly smokeless battlefield. While it's important to say that your job skills are important, a good image can really make a good impression on your colleagues and leaders.

Professional jewelry is a good thing

Some people say that wearing jewelry and not wearing jewelry is not bad, the work is for the work, not for the beauty pageant, the flower that dress up to show who to see? In fact, if you work eight hours a day and work five days a week, you'll spend a good chunk of the year at work. In the workplace, if you have a high taste, a good match, and a good look, you'll have a lot of benefits. Meilanxuan woman's necessities, provide Copper alloy jewelry manufacturer china.

Advantage 1: change individual image
Although do not wear jewelry will not how, but have to say, if you know how the collocation of jewelry, for overall modelling are a basic point, is to be able to well to promote the overall image and quality. In the work, need to reflect a person's elegant demeanour, choose to the jewelry, can let you have one more dry practice, one point is flagging.

The two benefits: improving relationships
The first function of jewelry is to improve your image. They are very powerful and have great effect in interpersonal communication. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 925 silver jewelry wholesales.
Bonus three: look happy yourself
Return to the essence, wear jewelry not is picture oneself happy?
Jewelled jewelry accompanies us to various important work occasions. In these occasions, jewelry brings beauty and confidence and makes us happy. It used to be for the girl, but now it is for her.
Black list of professional jewelry.

Cheap ground goods
Cascade of exaggerated bracelet bracelet, and other cheap knockoff crystal, glass and other accessories, wearing always has an unsteady feeling, after all mixed work, taste cannot lose.

Costly and costly gems
The red sapphire is beautiful, the opal is rare, the emerald is dazzling, but to tell the truth, the jewelry is not very popular in the workplace. Job is to do things, not to let you quiet when a beautiful woman, body jewelry is too precious, there is always some one hand tied behind your back, and accidentally knock against on business to your valuable gems, who is responsible?

Elaborate jewelry
Now young people, very popular those grandiose, red and red jewelry, although beautiful and can mold the style, but the leisure time wears the smelly beauty is good, had better not wear the office.Because the workplace environment mostly requires dressing and jewelry simple, generous and professional, this kind of jewelry doesn't fit the workplace atmosphere in style. If you need more information, please click Rose gold plated jewelry supplier.