The origin of the jewelry

As part of human art culture, jewelry jewelry is a comprehensive embodiment of human culture, economy and politics. Because of different cultural background and the difference between the local jade and stone resources, jewelry is branded with different styles, times and places.

The origins of jewelry can be traced back to prehistoric times. At that time, the human in the confrontation with nature and request, discovered puzzling nature side, this kind of psychology through a variety of art forms, gradually formed a unique art forms, the original totem.Denyse 925 silver jewelry manufacturer china provide outstanding jewelry.

In primitive times, people put the animal bones, teeth and shells on their necks and put the feathers of the birds on their heads to form the first pieces of jewelry. The morphology of these ornaments reflects the early human civilization hazy decoration consciousness, reflects the condition of human culture and aesthetic temperament and interest, from which we can feel the thoughts and the enlightenment of human aesthetic consciousness of ancestors.
To the old Stone Age, more is used as jewelry items, archaeological discoveries within the territory of China, stone, bone, teeth, bei (clam), such as eggshell were as the jewelry material. At that time most of the jewelry is a relatively rough, but a small jewelry have been more careful processing, and it also have a small hole or coated with paint.

Since the neolithic age, the human accumulated more experience in production and life, to be more varieties of materials processing, can also be processed more shape decorations, and various combinations. This time, jewelry materials and form is more abundant, decorated with all kinds of fine or rapid price behavior in the world are very common in many national aesthetic consciousness.

When humans into civilized society, because of the productivity, the development of society and economy, the commercial civilization progress, jewelry art also got great development. Today, jewelry has become an integral part of our lives.

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