Combination of clavicle chain and necklace

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-11
The clavicle chain is a very special kind of necklace, and it is especially nice to look at it with a white T-shirt. The way this necklace is matched is very interesting as if it were drawing on a blank sheet of paper. Different styles of the clavicle chain match are like painting on different white paper.

Of course, if it is a white dress, it is best to use a metallic clavicle chain. The denim straps, off-the-shoulder straps and other items that are very popular in recent years are all suitable. But don't wear tops with a large area of print, otherwise it will be slightly exaggerated.

Combination of clavicle chain and necklace

Nowadays, overlaps are also very popular. Whether it's clothes, rings, bracelets, or video, it's very fashionable to stack them up, and so does the necklace. Combining different lengths and lengths of necklaces looks very stylish.

If you feel that you don't know what necklace to use with the clavicle chain, it doesn’t really matter, because fashion masters have already designed a number of necklace combinations together with the clavicle chain.

This style is very sexy style. When you match, try to avoid overly fancy clothes, choose a monochrome dress better

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