Choosing the right crystal can bring you a lot of positive energy

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-23
Crystal has magical energy. When you lose your emotions and your love is not right, someone will tell you to buy a crystal jewelry that can be transshipped! Its positive energy can bring you good luck.


Amethyst is the noblest and beautiful of crystals. Amethyst symbolizes purity, harmony, and peace of mind. It has the effect of calming the mind, strengthening memory, and tempering rough temper. The ancients believed that amethyst had the effect of exorcising evil spirits and could bring happiness and longevity to people, just like amulets.

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Tea Crystal

Tea crystals can absorb negative energy, especially cloudiness, and use evil spirits. Wearing amethyst can change the frivolity and irritability of the personality, make the gas field to precipitate, work more efficiently, and respond to things in the most direct way.

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Red crystal

Red Crystal is also known as “Venus Crystal”. It is the most expensive variety in the crystal, with very few yields and few people who know it. The natural red crystal can inspire the soul, prefer the static gas, contain specific energy and vibration, not only has the effect of health care but also can cure and rehabilitate the disease.

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Green crystal

If you want to get rich, then Green Crystal will be the best crystal, with a high degree of energy to condense wealth, energy properties are positive, people will hail it as "ghost wolfberry" because its color is very similar to the United States dollar, has attracted The energy of wealth, it is a good thing for people, can improve thinking, open mind.