Choose the right belt and show your perfect figure

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-15
The belt is a fashion good people often used.The collocation of belt seems to be the same importance with the dress

The principle of collocation for lady's belt

1, loose belt hanged on the waist is suitable for many people.

2, The tiny belt can show women small pretty waist, so it is suitable for women has the slim waistline.

3, Belt use as the ornament and do not make it look like a weightlifter.

4, If the shape of your waist is not so good, you don’t use a too dazzling belt, It will expose your shortcoming.Besides, the most important is that the belt you choose must be matched clothes color you wear.

5, Don't buckle to the last one.The belt only can buckle the middle.If you can’t, this belt is not suitable for you.By the way, don't put the shirt into the waist belt of low waist.
The skill of collocation for lady’s belt

Dress collocation

1.The collocation of the belt also needs to be based on the style and color of the garment.For example, women OL overskirt always matches with leather or textile with less decoration.In order to match the elegant style of the dress.If you're wearing a soft fabric dress.The selection of the belt is relatively easy, but pay attention to the color collocation.Don't choose a light belt when you in dark clothes, unless it is for correct figure.

Shape collocation

2.If some women are too talk, they can choose a conspicuous belt.Because it will Increase your lateral width.If the upper body is long, and lower body is short.The height of the belt can be properly raised.If your body is too fat, you should avoid large and many decoration belt knots, and do not use a wide belt.

Occasion coordination

3.Do not use a belt with too much decoration for a professional occasion, simply and clean will be better.When you go to a dinner party or a party, you can choose a fancy belt.Whether men and women, the belt must be confirmed before going out to confirm whether it is appropriate or not.It's not appropriate to move a belt in a public place.If you feel uncomfortable, you can get up and clean up the bathroom.

Collocation method

4.The perfect waistline can show a woman's S curve.The embellishment of the belt can't be underestimated.Now, the belt has become more and more important. It plays a more and more powerful fashion role. Sometimes the belt is the most important part of the whole model.Once a fashion dress is decorated with a belt, it can give out the extra charm.Metal elements, hollowing and various material show a new round of fashion