Chao Acer together Liu Geng Hong [love life] 10 years of marriage preservation business secrets

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-30
 Well-known artist Liu Genghong was invited to tide Acer attend January 27, the tide Acer jewelry held in Daqing New Mart shopping center "with love life" wedding drill, and fans to share the sweet marriage, witness the moment of happiness.
Liu Genghong and his wife Wang Wanfei is a famous model couple in the circle, from couples to marriage and then to parents, went through 18 years together. This year happens to be that they have been married for 10 years, embracing one person and loving one's life and marriage(Fashion necklaces for women) philosophy, and tide Acer love series of emotional ideas coincide.
At the scene of the event, when Liu Genghong gorgeous appearance with a handsome suit, like a warm current, the atmosphere of the entire scene was instantly lit. Liu Genghong who has a lot of labels, is an actor is a singer, the host is also a fitness coach. In "Where's Dad?", Let everyone have the opportunity to understand that tough guy under the soft, delicate emotion of him, good father, good husband.

 Liu Genghong scene to share with you 10 years of marriage and family business experience, between words, filling the sweet feelings: "Whether it is for business, or family, intentions, are very important" "I hope to spend as much Time to care for and accompany my wife and children, and at the same time, they will give me a lot of support and encouragement, and the hearts of our family can be closely together and surrounded by love. "
The event also set an interesting interactive device drawing board, drawing board lists a variety of adjectives of love, participants wrapped with a red thread to represent their own love concept of words. Liu Genghong took this opportunity to share the warm love story with his wife while warmly wrapped. "Love at first sight," "romantic companionship," and "responsibility." Each word is the best interpretation of love for each other. lifetime.
Liu Geng Hong Jay Chou and many other stars as a fitness coach, the scene not only talked about the fitness experience with the audience, but also personally lead the battle. He also said he is passionate about fitness because "having a strong physique can better accompany and protect his family and his lover." Ms. Cao Guangxiao, Manager of Chaohongji Blackwater Region, presented her a carat necklace , I wish Liu Geng Hong and his wife can be happy love life.
LiuGengHong frankly said: "like tide Acer design style, and tide Acer itself is a very fashionable attitude of the brand in the product design is also unique, each series gives the emotion is very warm, so this can I am very honored to participate in this activity of Acer Acer.
All along, Chao Acer are based on the "Chinese fashion jewelry trendy" image is well known, with innovative fashion design and superb craftsmanship, leading the new fashion jewelry in China. Over the past 20 years, Chao Hongji has not only broken through the limits of design and craftsmanship, has molded the unique form of jewelry, but also continuously perceived the real inner feelings of consumers. It has given these fashion Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry more personal attitudes, Jewelry has a story of temperature, imprinted with a unique love attitude.