Big earrings, bracelets and 2018 popular jewelry

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-07
2018 has arrived,in order to have striking in the first round of New Year party,and became the most stunning scenery in others eyes new year, jewelry collocation is naturally essential.Then which jewelry will pop in 2018? What kind of jewelry you wear can let you at the front of the fashion? Now let's look at it together.

Ring large earrings

In 2017, many stars are keen on wearing ring earrings, such as Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenna), Bella Hadid (Bela Hadid), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopes) and Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato) -make it become popular jewelry trend in 2018. In the past half century, ring large earrings had reached their heyday from 1960s to the early 70s. But the history of this style is even more ancient: as early as the 2500 B.C., this style was prevalent among Sumerian women, as well as in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Even the pirates wear such ring earrings. Today, this style is regressive - the large size ring earrings are on the fashion stage again.

Large bracelet

"Magic woman" is one of the most successful films in the 2017. Gal Gadot,wonderful deduction in this film, made her become an international star.GIA experts noticed that her ornaments and costumes in the film became fashionable, especially her magical bracelet.fashions follow this fashion style and show their personal charm. In 2018, big bracelets will certainly become popular jewelry styles.

Advance guard pearl

How do you change the fashion theme into popular jewelry style? Jewelry designers have been responding to this challenge, turning elegant pearls into fashion ideas. The jewels used to be all the royals and rich people, but today they have become an ornament from formal to popular music festivals.

Flower power

Flowers have been the popular theme of jewelry designers all the time. From the fleeting beauty of the flower buds to the flourishing of the flowers, all of these are reflected in the ornament art. The flower theme jewels have emerged in China and will become popular jewelry styles in the 2018. All kinds of flowers and flowers are wonderful, leisure and entertainment to formal dinner, all kinds of occasions are applicable. The following are some flower themed jewels, with their own characteristics and worth having.