Anhui Bengbu police cracked 300 million gold jewelry robbery case 40 hours

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-12
January 7, 2018 7 am, Bengbu, Bengbu City, Anhui Century Century Lianhua Hejia supermarket floor, "Linsheng jewelry shop" found safe was prized, stored in safe a lot of gold and silver Rose gold plated jewelry manufacturer china stolen, the value of about 300 Yu million.

  After receiving the report, the police immediately involved in the investigation. Police by calling the scene surveillance found that the suspects dressed in hats, masks, gloves during committing the crime early January 7. Suspects from entering the jewelry counter to open the safe until the gold jewelry stolen left in less than half an hour.
Immediately afterwards, the police found that the suspects, through the combination of plotting, walking alleyway, mid-way changing, striking, walking and riding a battery car, detoured more than 30 kilometers and had strong anti-detection awareness. The picture shows the monitoring shows that men pry open the safe, steal gold jewelry.
  After careful investigation by the police, the panel eventually locked the suspect Zhu Moumou. It is reported that Zhu Moumou 42 years old this year, from the age of 19 due to theft, robbery was repeatedly crackdown. At about 23 am on January 8, the panel took Zhu Moumou arrested and brought to justice. In the face of a large amount of evidence, he quickly broke through the psychological defense line of the criminal suspects and forced Zhu Moumou to confesure his crime-making process and stolen goods stolen areas. At 14 o'clock on the January 10, under the identification of the criminal suspects, the ad hoc group dug gold and silver jewelery into the wilderness of the village of Longzi Lake in Bengbu City to dig out all the gold and silver jewels(Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry), without any loss and recovering all. The gold jewelery was cracked from theft to the case in just 40 hours. It is reported that this is the largest amount of stolen items in the local theft in recent years. Surprisingly, most of the police are buried near the location of these gold jewelry is the suspect's wife's grave.