About the combination of neckline and necklace

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-11-21

Necklaces are basically essential accessories for every woman, women can choose their favorite necklace, wearing all year round. Fashion Necklaces for women can be modified neck shortcomings, better for it icing on the cake. In this late autumn season, what kind of necklace should be with what kind of collar, Meilanxuan Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer to introduce you

Round neck and cascading necklace
We all have round neck clothing, T-shirts are the most common. The ultimate design of the round neck is applied to a cotton T-shirt or long shirt, perhaps in the past with a simple necklace to get it. But in this season, more exaggerated, more detailed design of the necklace style with a round neck shirt is the moment most need to do.
With the focus: Cascading, multi-strand design
Mismatch: Tight mouth round neck dress is not suitable for with long long single chain with visual space is too large, easy to lead with too loose.

Small lapel and the length of the necklace
Small lapel is generally referred to as shirt collar, this year's shirt back to the initial era of small lapel, followed the retro wave. The small lapel is also a collar letting woman looks most capable , most white-collar women need such a collar clothe during work.
With the focus: simple
Mismatch: Do not choose not long or short concise necklace, such a looming does not show too much style, too common.
Deep V-neck does not have a fixed standard
Deep V-neck is to show the best sexy collar Collar. The V-neck is the type of neck that best embodies the curve of a woman's chest and should therefore be well utilized. In the end is to choose a decorative style exaggerated necklace, or choose a slim and simple necklace to match the V-neck large and small V-neck, take a look at the star and the perfect match, make the necklace become a magic weapon used to show the chest Type, to make the feminine outbreak.
With the focus: outstanding personality
Mismatch: Try to avoid the short necklace cascading around the neck

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