A piece of jewelry which was inspired by jellybean

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  • Release on :2018-04-03
There’s lots of jewelry you might describe as candy, but these styles are on a different level. They are in a different dimension where the lines between jewelry and art.

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This enchanting bracelet and earring suite is the fine work of Daniel Brush, an American painter began the design with jewelry 35 years ago. His jewels have been shown in several exhibitions, including a retrospective at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.

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Inspired by ancient jewelry and articles, Brush is famous for its self-learning technology and its use of non-traditional materials, such as steel, aluminum, and synthetic parts. Here, Bakelite and gemstones are transformed into wearable art, a proof of the idea that artists create imaginative jewels, which focus more on design than intrinsic value. According to Siegelson, a New York based Museum - based Museum - quality wine and real estate jewelry dealer, and a leading supplier of raw materials, Siegelson, Bakelite became a substitute for base metal in artificial jewels in the 1930s and 40s, but brushing elevated Bakelite jewels into art forms. Art jewelry for the rare collection of Daniel brushes.

The excellent granulation function of Brush is exhibited here but may be covered by the leading lady: the incredible luster of Burma ruby. Casting this rare gem into sweet cherry or watermelon soft sweets needs self-confidence and ingenuity. Again, they carved with bakelite match, rather than the more luxurious noble metal or carved stones.

The advanced jewelry made of nontraditional materials is the concept of many contemporary jewelry designers through the trumpet, concrete, ebony, teak, and even meteorite exploration - with a rather gloomy white / Black / brown color story. But as Siegelson pointed out, pink and cherry color, Brush's palette is more colorful. Sweeter and happier... For the collection of senior jewelry in the 90s?

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