A little trick to restore the deformation of the silver ring

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-02-05
People who wear a silver ring for a very long time will find that the ring was deformed and darkened. If the silver ring is bright, it is really beautiful to wear on the hand. A change of black looks very dirty, and the shape is a little bit more distorted.

So is there a way to recover the deformation of the silver ring?Let me recommend several methods.

1.the silver ring is a very valuable material. If you are afraid of making a mess of the ring, it is suggested to be repaired in the jewelry store.

2.silver jewelry is actually relatively soft, not easy to break. If you don't want to spend some unnecessary expenses, you can also have a silver ring to repair the deformation at home.

It needs some tools to fix the deformed silver ring at home. First, prepare a small hammer and prepare a round ring bar. The diameter of this round ring is as large as the ring's inner ring, and then gently puts it on top of it. Because the ring has been deformed, it should be gently assisted by a small hammer when the ring is set.

3.the ring of the deformed ring is put into the ring and then the shape of the ring is reused with a small hammer. Until your ideal shape is right, if you are afraid that a hammer will hurt the ring, wrap a few layers of soft cloth on the surface of the hammer.

4.if there is no such ring bar, if there is a round metal bar in the home, the stick can also be used. If the small point of the ring does not matter, it can be used to repair the part of the ring with a small hammer, and it can also achieve the desired effect.

The silver ring is a kind of deformed jewellery. We should pay more attention to it when we wear it. Try to protect it as much as possible to avoid its deformation.