A legendary queen with a sceptre with love

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-01-09
In Europe, the scepter symbolizes the noble authority that leads the kingdom.
In many people's view, the power of the royal nobility, marriage and politics are often inseparable. However, the legendary queen is an exception, she not only handcuffed the scepter(Pandora fashion stainless steel jewelry), but also married to love. She is the current Queen Elizabeth II.
In November of this year, she and her husband, Prince Philip, just crossed the 70th anniversary of their marriage.
As early as 1939, the 13-year-old princess Elizabeth first met Phillip at the Royal Navy School of the Tartars and was attracted by the tall, handsome Prince of Greece. From then on, her two began a long-term love race of eight years.
November 1947, Elizabeth and Philip in the Westminster Abbey, held a grand royal century wedding.
The wedding day, more than 200 million people worldwide listened to the live broadcast, tens of thousands of people gathered before Buckingham Palace, close to watch the festival.
Soon after, in June 1953, Elizabeth took the Golden Wagon and held a grand coronation at the same Westminster Abbey: she took over the token of power and put on a crown (Gold plated rings for womenthat symbolized the king and became a veritable British queen.
Coronation scene, Phillip knelt down in front of the Queen made an oath: "As your retainer, I will be determined to your loyalty, life and death. God bless." Since then, he is both her husband and her most loyal bodyguard.