A girl's winters must learn to tie a waist with a thin waist

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-08
Every winter, besides the warm clothing such as coats, knitted caps or scarves, they want to make themselves more fashionable. The key is to have good belt accessories, and a fashionable waist belt can not only make the whole sense more hierarchical.MelLanXuan is a fashion costume metal belt supplier.

Every winter coat, in addition to a variety of knitted hats or scarves warm these items, want to let oneself have the key for other more fashionable, is good to the belt accessories, a universal fashion belt not only can make the whole sense of hierarchy, also in the beam waist at the same time, also can make thick autumn and winter dress looks like a slender visual sense of thin. Look at Fashion Week show catwalk trend to off street fashion trendsetter, many people put the belt as a key outfit, you also want to integrate themselves into the actual modeled on? After all, the outfit still need a little skill! This Xiaobian to sort the belt wear feature, whether you want other the sense of fashion upgrade, or want to use the belt make your visual thin, from the foundation to master the skills of dress collocation once, let us this winter can also make good use of the belt, wearing a lot more different taste!Meilanxuan is a famous and wonderful Fashion costume jewelry manufacturer

Girdle belt: look at the latest trend from the stretches

The popularity of the belt is seen in the series of 2017 spring and summer brands. From the left side, Balenciaga put on the belt on the coat, Michael Kors matched on the handsome jacket, Isabel Marant's oversize coat and belt, handsome and feminine.

Girdle belt: look at the latest trend from the stretch Table 2

From the left, Burberry and Margaret Howell are knitted with a belt. A simple single piece with a belt will make a lot of fashion sense.Meilanxuan is a high quality Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer