92nd Street Y Jewelry Talks: Why Jewelry Matters

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-16
One of the highlights of life in New York is the ninety-second street Y and its numerous activities, speeches and courses, which involve everything in France and fashion, politics, and advanced jewels. Stellene Volandes, a town editor, and the author has just announced that she will hold a series of 92Y jewelry(Rose gold plated jewelry supplier) conferences this fall, and will announce the theme and date in June.

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To experience what's going to happen, listen to the speech "Why Jewelry Matters", which Volandes co-hosted by the founder and editor of the editor of The Adventurine in March, Marion Fasel. Under the auspices of the 92Y jewelry center, founded in 1930, now led by director Jonathan Wahl, Volandes and Fasel explain why jewels are not just ornaments, but classes, grades, grades, political designator, fashion movement - even process level.

Specifically, the real reasons for the French people to unload the crown jewels in 1887 (such as Fasel's fascinating explanation here); how King Tut's 1922 discovery suddenly mixed Egyptian symbols with decorative art shapes; and discussed the appearance of modern American aristocrats like Astor and Vander Birch and their high The appetite of the grade jewels.

"I hope you can see every jewelry as a detective story," Volandes said in the conversation. Search for clues and understand its civilization. You will discover what values of civilization are, what they are afraid of; what you will find are those who are awed by them, and you will find the people they travel and the people they trade.

"There are many jewels. It can teach us a lot about the people who wear it and the people who design it, and the era of its making. Now it's time for jewelry(925 silver jewelry supplier china) to be regarded as culture, art and decoration art. "

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In other 92 years of news, Walter will join lucky Jan Adrian in a lucky group at the Israeli jewelry(Fashion charm rose gold plated jewelry) and decorative art tour from April 21, 2018, to April 30th. The tour will include studios, galleries and designers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Of course, 92Y jewelry center also has spring and summer lessons.

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