Jade and jewelry identification 3

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  • Release on :2017-07-27
Cat eye identification
In recent years, there is a kind of glass fiber opal ring sales market, set in gold or silver ring, make the person zhenjiamobian. The identification method is that when the ring face is turned off, the arc tip of the false cat eye can simultaneously have a few bands of light, while the real cat eye is only one. The false cat eye liner is rigid, while the real cat eye liner is flexible. 

The true color of cat's eye is mostly brown or yellowish green. The false cat eye has many colors, such as red, blue, green and so on. Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Titanium alloy jewelry manufacturer china.
Gold beryl is the only stone that is next to diamond and red Blaupunkt. Alexandrite and variety of Alexandrite and opal, these three gems are not only very beautiful, but also very rare, so the price is also very high. After the vacuum developed containing tubular inclusions in chrysoberyl chrysoberyl with internal Kaboxun cutting, color change effect is opal.

Opal identification
Opal can be divided into black opal, white opal, Huang Bo etc. according to its color in Europe, with the highest price of black opal. 

In order to white or yellow opal to lower prices to improve grades, some people use artificial method to make the change, become a "black opal", in order to reap gregory. The main method is cooked with plastic or injection, the black white opal. 

The recognition method is, after injection the proportion of sugar or opal is obviously different in the water test, the proportion of the value of light. Can also be used after heating needle injection test of natural opal opal, hot needle into the injection into opal can, and will produce plastic smell after the show. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Jewelry wholesales on line.
Identification of tourmaline
Tourmaline is a kind of mid-range stone, but because peach and bright blue tourmaline are more valuable, they also take imitations. There are two kinds of familiar imitations: one is colored with colorless tourmaline, and the other is made of red glass. 

The recognition method is that it often has two obvious color tourmaline, visible double tubular body; visible inclusions or cotton wool fabric, the cross section of the curved triangle crystal. These features are take the imitation goods do not have, because the color dyeing workers tourmaline, hanging lag, lack of natural tourmaline "glory", it is not difficult to identify.

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