Agate Bracelet

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Agate bracelet many stars and meaning, the number of beads bracelet has a different meaning: "Xu" and "King Kong" Sambo gripped has continued "etc. Tantra says:" information industry is one hundred, increase industry was one hundred and eight, with fifty for the industry, industry Zhu sixty." In normal circumstances, one hundred and eight should be appropriate.

The number of agate bracelet the Sutra written was different for wear, one of the most often cited for reference: Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Jewelry wholesales on line.

Diamond top Yoga beads by 1080108, 54, 27.

The wood is 108

Tuo, Ronnie, Ji Jing, 108, 54, 42, 21

By the number of beads merit 108, 54, 27, 14.

The ritual by 1080108, 54, 36, 27, 18.

According to "the ritual" (Manjusri beads instrument products) is the most top grade was 1080, grade 108, the 54 star, 27 star and a number of things, the meaning is that ancient founder for the convenience of education, rather than from the classic wear, now a number of common sense will be outlined as follows: Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through 925 silver jewelry wholesales.
1080 -- said the ten law of each of the one hundred and eight kinds of trouble, for the synthesis of 1080 kinds of trouble, including many of the ten law six circles: Hell, hungry ghosts, animals, earth and heaven, Shura, that is my world, after four circles is holy to the world, that is: Savaka, Yuanjue, Bodhisattva and Buddha field.

108 -- said qiuzheng 100 eight samadhi, except one hundred and eight kinds of trouble, one hundred and eight kinds of trouble generally is six (eye, ear, nose root, tongue, body, Italy) are suffering and joy, three homes, and eighteen, six of the good and evil, three. As of eighteen, a total of thirty-six species, one hundred and eight kinds of trouble.

54 -- said the fifty-four order Bodhisattva practice, which is the ten letter, ten live, ten, ten, ten, four, due to the good roots.

42 - forty-two order of a Bodhisattva practice, that is ten, ten, ten to live, ten, sleep and sleep better.

36 - just the same as the 108. For easy carry, divide 108 into three parts.

27 -- said four to four fruit of Hinayana practice twenty-seven Xian, namely four to three eighteen and fourth of the fruit of the nine Arhats free goa.

21, ten, ten, said about twenty-one buddhahood.

18 - just the same as the 108. For easy carry, divide 108 into six parts.

14 - Avalokiteshvara's fourteen audacity.
Agate bracelet often with mother of pearl, the number, remember, remember son kept etc.. The general is a mother of Pearl (also two), also known as mother of pearl beads dharma. The number of (also called the isolation between the beads, beads) are used to separate a certain number of beads. Remember son also called * * is on the other end in the bead, mother of pearl, the ten are a small string, said the ten paramitas, Buddha beads twist over one hundred and eight times is a sub discipline that the number of toggle. As in the upper note attached to the transparent beads (usually called crystal), Vimo, Jing Ming Ming and help up bodhisattva. Note "left" means the beads attached to the end of each string.

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