Some things about earrings

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  • Release on :2017-09-21
Earrings, as the name suggests, look forward to early return,
As the saying goes: "not on the car, not ears, eyes, when the daughter married, wear ornaments."! Message: always go home and have a look!

The earrings worn by women have more than two thousand years of history. Originally called "Dang", the "release of" Liu Xi said: "Shizhu Chuaner said" Dang ". Xing Sheng in the Chinese way."

Earrings, as the name suggests, look forward to the early return of the child, as the saying goes: "not on the car, not pierced ears, eyes, when the daughter married, wear ornaments!" meaning: often go home to see!  Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through new style Jewelry on sale.

Historical records say, now, most women do not keep the women, sometimes taking advantage of her husband sleeping to escape and Valentine's tryst. The husband in her ear punched a hole, buckle two metal ring. Thus, the woman moved slightly, making the earring sound and had to give up the idea of tryst.
Another argument is that, at first, women have no chastity idea, as long as there are strange men passing by, the woman will come forward, take the initiative to strike up a conversation, ask strange men to stay overnight. Early in the morning, when the man left, it was customary to send an earring to the woman as a souvenir and a reward. The more earrings a woman has on her ears, the more attractive she is.

Later, after the changes of the times, earrings became a favorite jewelry for women.
So, "Mo Shang sang", men fall for she is "ears moon pearl"; "Peacock Flying Southeast" Liu Lanzhi "ear moon pendant." Luo Yin wrote in "zayong poetry" is the "ring for women's ears shaking".

Also known as earrings earrings, jewelry is worn on the ear, also known as the ancient Joel, dang. Earrings are all metal based, and some may be stone, wood, or other similar hard material. Earrings can be worn both by men and women, but nowadays women are more likely to wear them. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion popular women earring.

An ornament worn on the earlobe by metal or jade. Earrings can be made of metal, plastic, glass, precious stones and other materials. Some are shaped, some are hanging, some are granular. The weight and size of earrings are limited by the capacity of the human body, and some people who wear heavy earrings will wear long ears and ear holes.

Dangling earrings are found in many ancient and modern places and cultures around the world. In many cultures, born to the girls body piercing habits, this custom has been controversial, because the baby will not chuaner. Male body piercing and more common in today's society.

The earrings worn on the ear. Modelling is rich, wear mainly with women as the main, individual men also wear. There are usually 3 ways: wear clothing hanging on the ears; to reed clamped lobe; or by screws. Earrings can show a certain level of customs, beliefs, status, wealth, etc..

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