Jewelry is real or fake, who's in charge?

Regular jewelry appraisal agency staff, engaged in jewelry before the identification, have been systematically trained, all pragmatic and well-trained. They identify jewelry, is based on this "jewelry identification of national standards."
In simple terms, the national standard has the following characteristics:

1, the national standard management, drafting, publishing units are very authoritative;

2, the national standard is authoritative, scientific and applicability;

3, the national standard has a legal binding;

4, the national standard over a few years to be revised once to ensure that advancing with the times.

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Thus, national standards are a uniform provision of repetitive things and concepts that are based on a synthesis of scientific, technical and practical experiences, approved by the competent authorities, published in a specific form, as a common The criteria and basis. Strictly speaking, the authenticity of jewelry refers to its type is not consistent with the facts, such as plastic ball covered with handicrafts to pretend to pearls, so that pearls can be true, plastic film "pearl" is false. Folk said "true and false", more refers to whether it is natural jewelry. Since ancient times, people in order to make jewelry more beautiful and beautiful, will use some means to improve the appearance of jewelry, such as color, transparency, optical effects, durability, etc., these methods are divided into two kinds of optimization and processing.

Optimization refers to the traditional, widely accepted, can make the potential beauty of jade jewelry show the optimization of treatment methods, such as emerald green colorless oil, jade waxing, etc., these methods of treatment of jewelry jade physical structure is not Have an impact.

Treatment refers to the non-traditional, not yet accepted by the potential beauty of the jade show the way, such as emerald pickling, dyeing, turquoise wax and so on. This approach will usually affect and change the physical properties of jewelry jade, making jewelry jade durability changes, do not have the collection value. Such as emerald after pickling, the internal structure of the fiber intertwined damage, wear more easily wear every day.

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