Processing Method of Jewerlry

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  • Release on :2017-07-14
Basic method
Cutting. Mainly according to the different stones and shape of the large pieces of material segmentation, called a particular size and shape, may be used to the next machine;

Preform. The trimming of the wool is called a preliminary shape, and a trimmer may be used; Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Fashion costume metal belt supplier.
Grinding. Mainly for grinding out the shape of precious stones. According to different grinding methods and grinding tools, grinding equipment can be divided into wheel mill, disc mill, belt mill, roller mill and so on;

Polish. Used to polish gemstones. In some cases, abrasives and abrasives can be polished by replacing grinding equipment, but there are also special polishing machines;

Drill hole. Some jewelry, such as pendants, beads and other needs to punch, which need to use punch.

Other methods
Of course, according to the situation, the processing of gemstones, as well as cleaning, bonding, and even other processing, only in this way can we finally make exquisite jewelry.

The common style of jewelry processing due to the different gem stone belong to different properties of the crystal shape, physical properties, especially optical properties are different, therefore, in order to maximize the beautiful gem, need to carefully design the right style in the process.

In general, the common styles are as follows: Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Silver charm bracelet manufacturer china.
Arc type: also known as the face or body, the ornamental surface is a convex surface. According to the waist shape (waist shape), it can be further divided into round, olive shape, heart shape, rectangle, square, cross shaped, cushion shape, pituitary shape and so on. According to its section type, and can be divided into single convex cut type, double convex cut type, lentils convex cut type, hollow convex cut type and concave cut type five.

Faceted: consisting of a series of geometric planes that completely cover the surface of the gem, polished in a suitable angle, and the gem can display four optical effects, such as body color, brightness, fire color, and glitter. Faceted style can be divided into diamond cut, ladder cut, rose cut, scissors (cross) cut, and mixed cut.

Bead type: usually used in middle and low grade stones, can be used for different jewelry. It can be divided into according to the shape of beads, beads, beads, elliptical oblate rectangular bead type.

Special shape: two types, including the own and the random, can represent the ever-changing natural form of the gem. For more information, please click 925 silver jewelry manufacturer china.