925 silver impregnated amber ornaments must be paid attention to three points

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-12
925 silver and amber can be said to be a combination, complement each other, can be both charms and blend together, can be both charms to show most incisive, people do not love is not possible, this is the people of the 925 silver inlay amber jewelry is the very favorite reason. However, 925 silver and amber are all fragile materials, so when we are wearing them, we need to give more care to 925 silver and amber ornaments, otherwise, it will be easily damaged.Meilanxuan is a Fashion 925 silver jewelry manufacturer

925 silver and amber are all fragile materials. When they are stored, they cannot be placed with sharp and hard objects. When they are washed, they cannot use hard brushes, and they cannot use strong acid or strong base solutions, which may cause damage to amber. At the time of everyday wear of 925 Silver Amber ornaments, we should also pay attention to the following three points:

1, Amber is a resin fossil, so do not put amber ornaments for a long time on the fire, otherwise, it will be melted. If you don't wear it for a long time, you need to clean it up and keep it in a special jewelry box, so that it can keep the luster of 925 silver and avoid stain and corrosion. When swimming or hot springs, you should not wear 925 silver ornaments, so as to avoid exposure to some chlorine, hydrochloric acid, and other substances, resulting in erosive damage and silver coloring.

2, do not use cleaning fluid to clean wash water for a class of 925 silver, it will erode the silver surface, caused by the loss, not to cannot but do not use them. Usually, the cleaning staff is professional enough to wipe the silver cloth, and the strength should not be too large during the cleaning process. If necessary, it can be used with toothpaste to enhance the luster. Avoid contacting 925 silver and amber accessories with alcohol or alcohol containing nail polish, perfume, hair spray, insecticide and other organic solutions. When using perfume or hair gel, please remove 925 Silver Amber ornaments.

3. Do not wear 925 Silver Amber ornaments during intense exercise or sleep. Whether it is 925 silver or amber, it is easily damaged during intense exercise or sleep. Amber has scratches, and 925 silver will distort and even break. If it really happens, it will seriously affect the beauty of the 925 silver impregnated amber ornaments, and their life will be greatly reduced.

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