2018 authoritative distribution of jewelry accessories

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-03-06
"The coolest thing is that the tide of the past is re engraved in the present, the resilience of innovation and the resilience of the retro antique, oscillating, whirling, rising, alternately."

We look for the best works of the past and the future, and let the new sense of reflection combine with technology and fantasy. All brand designers have injected new inspirations and colorful forms for the beauty of the new season, attracting countless eyes.

1, necklace / Pendant

The metal and wood necklaces are the popular elements of the 2018 necklaces. These necklaces are usually equipped with beads or brightly colored crystals.(Crystal Fashion Statement Necklace)

Renaissance elements appear frequently in this season's show, eyes and stars indicate exploration and discovery, and the cross religious and religious designs of sixteenth Century revive the religious and cultural trend of thought till now. The combination of European historical culture and modern accessories has become a popular trend in today's design circles.

The creative director of Dior flew to Versailles for inspiration and created a new product of the season. The whole design presents a very rich sense of design and a lot of Renaissance elements.

The pendant of geometric patterns, such as triangular, circular, and curvilinear elements, is the trend of the pendant.(Latest Model Fashion Gold Pendant Necklace)

If you have a lot of courage, you can also make your favorite accessories by imagination. Do not wear this kind of jewelry only during the holiday season, and travel normally. Even if you are wearing a regular T - shirt and jeans, it's no exception.

A heavy necklace, or a Choker with an ornament, will continue to heat up in the future. Collocation, you can match a thin shirt and skirt, or a bright color dress.

Boucheron brings fun to wear.(statement choker necklace)

The popularity of Choker has led to the popularity of necked necklace. The 2018 spring summer T classic ribbon and pendant Choker is not in the majority. More designers are playing new tricks. Belt type Choker is particularly favored, strong woman fan full leather collocation.

Another big trend is the thicker necklaces, in addition to the industrial design of the body metal,like Fashion Jewelry Gold Metal Bra ,there are many decorative style.