2018 Wedding Jewelry Trends Star Shape Pink Tourmaline Becomes Main

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-04-12
In the April-May wedding season, the prospective brides have begun to prepare their own weddings one after another. Jewelry, as an indispensable accessory, should also be carefully selected and matched. What are the main trends in wedding jewellery in 2017? Is it a classic pearl, rose gold, pink tourmaline and other materials, or is it a novel gem style choker or sky jewelry? In short, each has its own charm.

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1. Statement earrings

Extra large, bright and exaggerated statement Earrings are the most eye-catching jewellery items for the bride in the wedding season. They want to stand out from the crowd, are suitable for the wedding dinner, and are especially radiant in the night.

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2. Pearl

Pearl is a classic material in wedding jewellery. Its position plays a decisive role. Many brides pursuing elegant extravagance will invariably choose it. It is also one of the most difficult jewelry to match with mistakes. This year's wedding season may usher in a pearl jewelry. Renewed.

3. The minimalist style

The modern brides who follow the trend will also like to have minimalist jewels with simple lines. Without much decoration, the simplest style of this jewel is very fresh.

4. Star Sky

Moon, stars and other cosmic astronomy jewels often have a sense of mystery, so that curious girls can not put it down, if worn on the wedding, will break the traditional style of visual fatigue, it makes people brighten up.

5. Rose gold

Rose Gold has been recognized as the most popular metallic color in 2017. It is luxurious, stylish and charming in low-key style. It sets off the complexion and highlights the fair skin. The bride chooses a rose gold jewelry to wear absolutely elegant classics at the wedding.

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6. Pink tourmaline

Colored gemstones will be one of the mainstream trends in 2017. I believe that many girls will favor soft, romantic pink or red tourmalines, which seem to condense the power of love and immerse people in a happy atmosphere.


Although cool choker is suitable for wearing when going out to the streets or attending parties, it can also give people a refreshing feeling at weddings, especially the gemstone or flower choker, which embodies luxury and increases the sense of hierarchy.