2018 The Most Popular Spring-Summer Jewelry(top)

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2018-05-09
The four major fashion weeks at the end of each year are the highlights of the fashion industry. In these fashion weeks, fashionistas can not only grasp the fashion trends of the next season, but also have insight into the latest fashion trends of jewellery. In the coming season, we can walk in the forefront of fashion and attract people's attention.

Layered necklace

Layered Necklace (Layered Necklace) has returned to the show this season. Whether it's a white shirt or V-neck print dress, or lace underwear or printed suits, it meets the need for girls to pursue gorgeous or sexy styles.

Asymmetric earrings

In recent years, there has never been a lack of asymmetrical earrings on Fashion Week, but the spring and summer of 2018 is totally different. These asymmetrical earrings add a playful and energetic look to the overall shape. They are elegant, sweet, and handsome, allowing you to transform into a stylish Fashion Girl.

Pearl jewelry

In recent years, pearls have become a popular commodity for fine fashions. It not only represents elegance and classicism, but also can play street and punk style. ~ Whether it is earrings or necklaces, with T-shirts or suits, it can be reflected Pearl's funky style!

Baroque style

From the New Victorian chandelier to the pearls and gorgeous earrings of the Baroque period, the jewellery of this period is ideally suited to today’s modern trends. Baroque style earrings, necklaces, crowns, and red lips are rebellious and playful. Deep exoticism creates a free-spirited and independent wild female image.