Some skills about jewelry maintenance

  • Author:Meilanxuan
  • Release on :2017-07-12
Shakespeare said: "jewelry is silent, but it is more important than any language." every girl who loves beauty has its own unique aesthetic taste, especially the choice and wear of jewelry. 

Jewelry although beautiful, the cleaning and maintenance needs to pay attention to many matters, don't worry, today teach you some skills.  Meilanxuan create beauty for every woman through Jewelry wholesales on line.
Jewelry wear should pay attention to what?
Please don't wear it in bath, hot spring and swimming pool. Humid environment, moisture and chemicals will be attached to the surface of jewelry, so that it will lose its original luster.

After wearing, wipe the jewelry with a clean soft cloth.

Jewelry should be stored in the original decorative box sealed storage.

Try to avoid contact with cosmetics or perfumes and jewelry, or to store them together.

Do not wash with water, wet cloth, or any jewelry, cleaning agent, or ultrasonic cleaner available on the market.

Crystal jewelry crisp, pay attention not to heavy pressure, collisions, and high temperature exposure.
Has it been worn for some time and the chain is black?
This silver black is generally due to chemical reaction and the outside world (including working environment)
Handling skills:

1.When the unused silver, it is recommended to seal plastic bags sealed to reduce contact with the air, it will slow down black.

2. Silver Black, can choose to use rub silver cloth; also use a soft brush to brush dipped in toothpaste (preferably pure water), after washing must use cotton cloth to wipe the water.

3. Can be used to wash water, but water is not commonly used, because the chemicals also have some corrosion of jewelry.

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