Gold family of "fashion upstart" -22K gold

What is 22K gold?
22K gold print logo for the AU916, the integration of the 18K gold and 24K gold double advantages, it not only inherited the gold rich and beautiful colors, and stability is not easy to change the stability of the property, but also both 18K gold high hardness, easy production and processing advantages , Known as the gold family in the "fashion upstart".
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Dubai tuhao: to create the world's longest 22 km gold chain 5K.

Indian tuhao: 3.5 kg 22K as raw material to create pure gold shirt, body gold weight of 5 kg.
Australia: 22K to create a value of 1.38 million US dollars of toilet paper.

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Why is 22K so popular?
22K gold perfect combination of the advantages of 24K and 18K, to create a fashion to meet the times to meet customer requirements jewelry.
■ 22K gold value
22K gold has more than 24K gold more rich colors and gold texture, fit the long history of the "golden worship", and the nature of stability, not easy to fade back color phenomenon, even if long-term wear can also be bright as new.
■ 22K gold plastic
22K gold to solve the 24K gold soft problem, with 18K gold as strong plastic, capable of complex craft jewelry production, suitable for the design and development of more fashionable style, even if the wear is not easy for a long time damage.
■ 22K gold upstart
As the gold family in the "fashion upstart", 22K gold is still the blue ocean market, and the integration of the 24K gold noble color and 18K gold style features, can perfectly meet the people of the "Golden Plot" and "fashion features" double demand.
■ 22K gold advantage
♦ Lightweight
22K gold hard and has a very good ductility, suitable for the design of thin and three-dimensional jewelry modeling, the same size, only half the weight of gold, and the structure is not easy to deformation.

♦ Fine
22K gold pursuit of the ultimate process details, carrying fashion and feelings of coexistence of the eternal boutique.

♦ hard
22K gold hard texture, capable of any complex craft of the carving, such as 3D Colorful, CNC and other high-tech wide range of applications, bringing unexpected wear experience.
♦ stable

22K gold has a stable physical and chemical properties, not discolored discoloration, long wear is also bright as new

♦ Glossy
Natural shiny glossy, giving 22K gold strong metallic texture and specular reflection effect, become the latest fashion popular focus.

♦ color

22K bright colors rich, more eye-catching than the gold color performance to meet the people of the golden worship, people at first sight.

♦ Comfortable
22K gold gold ratio is high, you can meet the needs of the people of gold fineness, and comfortable to wear allergic reactions.

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