Basic classification

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  • Release on :2017-08-10
Generalized gems refer to those materials that are suitable for refinement or engraving and are used as jewelry or handicrafts. Jade edge and jewelry is the most complete jewelry category, the largest collection of jewelry sites. 

Jewelry includes: natural jade jewelry (natural stones, natural jade, natural organic gemstones), artificial gemstones (artificial gems, precious stones, precious stones, mosaic reconstruction of synthetic gems and jewelry), with precious metals: gold, silver and platinum.

There are five kinds and 64 kinds of gems and jades used at present. Meilanxuan Woman's necessities, provide Fashion necklaces for women.
A natural gemstone: diamond, ruby, sapphire, fluorite, quartz, hematite, spinel, gold and green yellow cat's eye, cat's eye, topaz, emerald, emerald, tourmaline, amethyst, opal heshibi, gold ore, quartz and other 17 kinds of.

Two, natural jade, agate, Jasper, Lingbi jade, Hetian jade, jade, Nanyang jade, jade, Lantian jade, turquoise, malachite, Dongling jade, Junggar jade, Ye Guangyu, chrysocolla, green steatite, lapis lazuli, Golden Jade, jade, stone and other 19 kinds of ice. 

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Three, natural stone: Shoushan stone, Tian Huangshi, Qingtian stone, stone, stone, stone, streaky Changbai end stone, stone, stone, Tao Songhua stone, Balin Stone, Helan stone, chrysanthemum stone, Ziyun stone, rock, swallow stone, Xi stone, red silk stone, Taihu stone, Changhua stone, serpentine on the stone, granite, marble, talc, 25.

Four, natural organic gemstones: amber, pearl, coral, ivory, jet 5.

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