18 spring and summer new single product: bridal accessories

Product category updates provide an important design direction for commercial product development
These are the essential items of the season, retailers will be available next year.

Profile: personality profile for the bride accessories full of new ideas, shoulder earrings and large corolla become a must for a single product.

Material: the use of modern materials improved pearl earrings and necklaces and other classic single product, making it more attractive. Ubiquitous satin and chiffon into the romantic elements, inlaid jewelry and enamel hair ornaments into the heirloom style.

Details: very details of the design details reflected in the 3D decorations, eye-catching sculpture flowers and beautiful feathers will be women's soft temperament to play most vividly.

Color: black accidentally used as accessories to enhance the color, for the bride shape to add a sense of drama, and the end of the powder color to form a sharp contrast.

Corolla will return again in 2018 spring and summer, "City Garden" style for the popular Bohemian style before the new ideas. Dior and Marchesa and other famous designers to promote the development of corolla and make it a large fashion in the important shape, large-size corolla shape for very extraordinary style. Wide corolla and wide head on the eye-catching flowers for this shape into the new ideas, towering shape more avant-garde trendy. Gray pink, corn yellow, mint green into the romantic elements, with a simple straw fixed throughout the corolla, bringing the perfect spring shape. Decorative veils give full play to the romantic style, will be more ingenious way to show. Eye-catching powder and plant green is very suitable for tropical summer modeling, simple white sculpture wind 3D lace or silk flowers with eternal attraction, all year round Safe.
Flower vine hair ornaments
Flower vine hair ornaments are more soft than the large corolla, in the bride accessories continue to maintain high popularity, showing a single layout or with the hairpin with a personality full of Variety modeling. Simple flowers lace and long handle hair with a romantic sensual taste, into the season "rural garden" trend. Beads, pearls, crystal and lap gem are dotted with exquisite silk flowers that can be wrapped around the hair or scattered around the hair. Small hair combs and hair clips can help create a variety of hair, it is easy to customize the shape of the customer, and has a hundred percent. Sculpture of metal or enamel effect of 3D flowers with simple roses to create the effect of the spread of flowers and vine ornaments, pearls and precious stones embellished to highlight the entire shape. Different sizes of jewelry for this trend to bring exquisite sense, but to maintain a sense of retro, with a wide range of market appeal.
Mesh veil
Netted veil comes with attractive, to meet this season "charm retro" style, the millennium generation of contemporary bride will be attractive. Mesh veil is very suitable for a simple piece of clothing with a simple shape, this trend is also moving to the two-piece suit. This small veil full of drama taste, with the season to mention the bright color black perfect. Net yarn cover the face to bring looming beauty, the use of plain satin hair band to create a retro style. 3D flowers, feathers and decorations for the use of fashion customers to create a refined and elegant style. With personalized jewelry earrings make the overall shape of a unique charm.

Personality earrings
The popularity of personalized accessories makes designers focus on the design of the earrings. This single product makes the bride more out of color. Long pendant, long shoulder earrings and muffled earrings are essential items, perfect fit the modern bride shape. Mixed gemstone color to bring personality and texture, with the chandelier earrings continue to popular, this design will be more popular. Sparkling gemstones with mosaic necklaces or bracelets full of elegance, to meet the season's "charm retro" style. Decorative 3D flowers are man-made metal or sculpture metal large earrings perfect decoration, you can create a dramatic style, will be highly attractive business. The length of the spikes to bring more handy Bohemian style, and this season must be as important as bright black.

Charming necklace
In recent years, the necessary single product necklace occupies an important commercial position, will continue to prevail in the future. Bouquet necklace again return, become a must for a single product, especially in the bride market. Ancestral accessories stand out from the fashion market, pearls and inlaid gems with simple velvet or silk ribbon matched brilliance. Full layout and the new large-scale ratio to create a luxury style, to meet the season's ladies style and charming retro style. Layer of fine collar will be rich in a wide range of attractive, elegant and refined modern pearl so that the classic shape of a bit more elegant and with the

Drawstring pouch
Simple drawstring pouch with wild effect and sooner or later, this kind of accessories quickly become a fashionable single product, you can replace the cosmetic bag and clutch. Silk belt has a good sense of drape, especially for the bride shape. Both a small ring bag, there are slightly larger shape, easy to carry the important items of modern bride. This simple handbag on a simple hand strap with both functional and decorative effects, removable chain with enhanced wild effect. Silk Snappers for this single product to bring a sense of luxury, essential pearls and precious stones decorated rich personality taste.

3D flowers
Flower decorations in the use of this season more and more widely, size is the key, innovative 3D material to become the core. Stereo Eugen yarn and silk flowers bring romance and elegance. Single or multiple layout of the large bouquet for the corolla to bring multiple choices, so that neck and bag full of unique charm. This season will be integrated into the white color, complete buds densely sewn on the veil. Synthetic or enamel surface for the personality earrings and other accessories to bring a sense of structure, a number of flowers and petals to create the shoulder earrings eye-catching. Inlaid with a gem ring is also an important single product. Parcel of the petal ring full of tide, rich in the embellishment of the rich under the lush.

Feathers become 2018 spring and summer shoes and accessories important material, has penetrated into the retail market of fashion products. This beautiful ornament has become an excellent choice for a variety of occasions and bridal accessories, dense ostrich feathers full of fluffy feeling, for the small cloak and scarves and other single products to bring a sense of plush and romantic. Rich structure of the senior handmade feathers more decorative effect, and personality with a headdress with, but also can be decorated on the veil. With the hanging earrings continue to popular, feather earrings have important development potential. Delicate color and the season's flower headdress to bring low-key plain beauty.

Black to highlight the color
Well-known designers Vera Wang and Marchesa make black in the recent press conference to become the unexpected highlight this season. Black for the bride style to bring the attractiveness of the season, you can in the belt and ribbon and other simple accessories in the use of this color. Simple satin ribbons and silky satin bow knives for hair ornaments and necklaces to bring more ground gas to the plain beauty. Long ribbon with this season's short skirt paired against each other. Black use in the personality earrings, opera gloves and cage-like veil and other jewelry to add a sense of drama, to create old fashion style, making it the season "charm retro" part of the shape.

Sensual text
Text design in the fashion accessories in the general trend, to give consumers the charm of personality. Letters in the bride accessories in the new, look humorous and emotional. Hard shells and other items to become a carrier of interesting expression, no doubt the contemporary young bride or the twilight generation of the bride is attractive. Necklace also cater to this trend, Vera Wang brought a flash of acetic acid made of layers of letters necklace, and simple embroidery collar soft and romantic. Inlaid jewelry letters used in bracelets, combination of rings and earrings, the ideal choice for the fashionable bride. Exquisite metal color embroidery text can not be missed, especially for the bride veil, full of personality.

Wild design by the modern bride of the favor, cloak as a stack of single product to become the new darling. Cloak reveals soft femininity, coincides with this season's retro gorgeous and eternal romantic trend. And the length of the transparent tulle is popular, elegant and elegant, modern hood design can replace the traditional veil. Short cloak selection of more thick silk, more sense of structure, suitable for seasonal and stacked shape. Decorated with embroidery, three-dimensional flowers and exquisite ivory bead-based, feathers for this life is the only dress to add a sense of drama.

Culture and retro styling to lead the trend, the traditional veil strong return, evolved more personality and gorgeous. White tulle and lace veil full of feminine, complex lace trim the most unique. This wild single product is suitable for all brides. And the length of the continuation of the classic design, while the short section of the Chantilly fine lace veil to attract younger bride, is Bohemian wind or secret garden wedding of choice. The veil cover in the head or draped over the shoulder, both practical and decorative effect.

Ancestral accessories
Elegant heirloom jewelry continue to popular women's accessories market. In the bride style, the Victorian style cut a striking figure, improved traditional accessories, consistent with the trend of this season's eternal romance. Collars or stacked Suthers necklaces are popular, dotted with simple pearls, retro ornaments or gems. Pearl earrings and other single product is also very popular. Head crown as the trend of headdress, a large fashion in the highlights, and exquisite style of the most commercial head. Girdle can replace the common belt, the most suitable for modern fashion bride. Unique combination of rings and ancestral brooch is also can not be ignored accessories, full of personality.